Hello beautiful! My name is Jessica (most people call me Jess). I’m a dreamer, a creatEress, a learner, a wanderer, and a mega lover of life (to say the least). And I’m so SO excited that you’re here right now!


Jessica Jean Weston is chef owner & founder of Superfresh! Organic Café, a 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, allergen friendly restaurant based in Brattleboro, VT. Her debut cookbook Healing Tonics, Juices, and Smoothies: 100+ Elixirs to Nurture Body and Soul has sold over 20,000 copies internationally. She received her certification in holistic health coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and was named one of the INN’s 30 Under 30 Health and Wellness Leaders in 2017.

Jessica has been featured in Forbes, AAA, and SOVT Arts & Living magazines. Her Superfresh! Organic Café has been awarded best vegan restaurant in Brattleboro, best vegan restaurant in Vermont in Yankee Magazine, and more.

Jessica speaks and teaches all over New England and beyond at vegan food festivals, food coops and wellness centers, leading retreats, and on her popular Youtube channel.

With a BA in Medical Anthropology from Ithaca College, Jessica has spent her career exploring the broad subject of food as medicine with Mayan healers in Belize, on organic farms, and with herbalists, shamanic practitioners, and more from the Finger Lakes to Vermont to Mexico to Italy.

Jessica's passion for living a vibrant life through wellness and the plant world has led her to create, serve, and teach delicious plant-based cuisine, tend her permaculture inspired edible medicine home garden, forage for wild foods in her daily life and travels, as well as utilize and share the potent power of essential oils for emotional, physical, and spiritual support as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Jessica’s personal journey to health navigating a series of food intolerances, as well as what made her feel most vibrant, led her to a non-GMO plant-based diet free of soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, and meat. Recognizing that everyone has their own path to explore with different physical, emotional and environmental needs, her goal is to simply share her experiences and knowledge through creating delicious, approachable cuisine, with understanding that no one being is alike (even the same on a different day with different circumstances).


I currently reside in the beautifully vibrant Green Mountain State (Vermont) where my restaurant, Superfresh! Organic Café is based in Brattleboro. Brattleboro is in the very Southeast corner of Vermont, which is great for my travel bug self to be remote and in the wilderness, yet just about 2-3 hours drive to Boston, NYC, Albany NY, Portland ME, Burlington VT. I love to live in quiet and stillness with my large breed dog, but I have a deep craving for movement, relationship, connection, community, loads of live music, and buzzing spots where I can work away from home, as well as share my passion with others. For now, it’s the perfect spot for me.

I moved to onto an off-grid farmstead in the mountains outside of Brattleboro in May 2012 for what I thought was just a nice long summer in the Northeast…

… (under construction <3 )


Before we dive in, I thought that it may help for you to know some things about me and my overall approach…


Between my restaurant, Superfresh! Organic Café, and my Healing Tonics cookbook... many people know me as a major superfoodie. And I'd have to agree wholeheartedly.

I've put together my top 10 favorite superfoods and some delicious recipes using them into this little e-book for you to enjoy!

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