My food (and health) story (journey) is a long and winding road that spans the length of at least fifteen years…

There are many bits and pieces that have shaped where I have landed today. However, “landed” is not the right word, as each day brings something new as I ebb and flow through the seasons (the literal seasons of the year, as well as those of life). As the weather shifts, my diet changes. As my emotions change… as my energy levels… personal physical and mental cycles… work / life stress… relationships… there are so many factors that feed into the whys and the hows of what I fill my body (mind and soul) with.

I try new things, or old things, and see how that feels. I have learned more how to listen to my body, and know that that is different every hour of every day. I have learned some things that have become constants, but am open to that not always being solid ground.

Each bite I take is in the hopes to feel better, to fuel me to a better place. If my brain gets foggy, I look at my diet (among other things like sleep, meditation, time in nature, etc.). If I’m feeling fatigued, I look at what I can clear, as well as what I can add in to nourish and support.

I am so grateful that I learned at a young age (about 17 years old) that what I ate had an impact on my entire existence.

At this current moment in time, there are many reasons why I cleanse. If I’m feeling weighed down physically and energetically, am tired, need to shake out some cobwebs to clear myself for a new season / project / mental space. I love cleansing to clear my MIND. I’ve already removed so many things that can create clutter in our bodies, but then I dip back into my love of coffee, a little too much sugar (even if it’s just maple, dates, raw honey), not enough sleep, and so on.

Each time I cleanse is a major reset. A gift to slow down and breathe deeper. A little proclamation of love for my self. And an actionable determination to make a shift, however small, toward brighter moments.

For the past decade or so, I’ve been “cleansing” about 2-4 times a year. It’s always intuitively, when I feel I need it. Sometimes I get forced into HAVING to cleanse because I’ve hit such a major wall with my health. Now I add it in more frequently as a preventative measure. I also embed mini cleanse practices and self care acts into my daily life to ease up and nourish on a more regular basis.

Since opening Superfresh! in 2012 I’ve enjoyed co-hosting, catering, and being a special guest at various retreats from Mexico to New England (from 1 day to weekend to week long). Stepping into a safe, supportive, healing space in COMMUNITY with others who have the intention to do the same without judgment is a very powerful place to be. I have had major growth moments in these spaces, met so so many beautiful beings, and am always reminded how it’s so much better to do this tough deep dark work with others to hold space for us. We are more often finding ourselves alone in this super “connected” digital age, but my heart expands so much when I see that meeting in these small intimate groups we find stories overlap, relationships form so deeply and quickly, and lives are shifted in such short chunks of time.

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Can’t wait for my next retreat? I’ve created a FREE 1-day cleanse recipe e-book to guide you through the process of clearing out to let go of the muck and make way for the good stuff to flow on in! Enjoy!!

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