My Morning Routine

The majority of my mornings lately have been a ritual practice of slowing down, nurturing, routine, embedding new daily habits. Wake up, let my dog outside (so much gratitude for a fenced in backyard!), get her water and food ready, boil hot water for coffee, fill up my jar of water and begin my daily hydration, do whatever dishes may be lingering in the sink from the day before / put away clean dishes from dishwasher (when applicable), brew coffee (I do a slow pour over, so it takes sometime between pour to make it to my mug), sweep my meditation / yoga area, set up my diffuser with essential oils (I'm currently loving a limited time blend from DoTERRA called "Harvest Spice"), and let my pup back inside when she's ready.

Once my coffee is done and dressed (usually black, but my favorite is with a bit of coconut mylk and a splash of VT maple), I set up my meditation cushion, put my phone on airplane mode, apply my meditation blend of essential oils (clary sage, frankincense, peppermint, and wild orange) to my heart / third eye / crown / top of spine, turn my Insight Timer (meditation app) on, tune in, and flow through my practice. I usually like to start off with movement and end with my longer meditation. I have found that helps me sit and feels so good to get things moving in the morning.

Now I'm ready for the day! Sometimes I do a faster version of this if I have to get into the kitchen or somewhere else early, but that has been one of my big blessings of quarantine... more expansive time to tend to my whole. The days I skip this practice I am so much less productive. Even though this takes about 60-90 minutes on average, this slowing down expands my time. I am more grounded, focused, and ready for whatever comes up. It even helps keep me on track when big curveballs that would normally knock me over and send me into a rant / spiral / anxiety. With this, I am able to flow through those moments with more ease and grace.

These daily habits are so important to me and compound over time. How they positively ripple into my other work, health, relationships, and so on is a massive game changer. I really feel it when I miss a day. The day seems to slip away so fast, with more stress, and less focus. And it doesn't cost a thing (minus the coffee and oils, which can both optional)!

We are all constantly moving closer to or farther from our health goals.

The food on our plate is a major component, but it is not the only one for holistic body, mind, spirit health. We can eat the most AMAZING organic locally sourced fresh foods every day, but if we're running on empty, depleted, not taking time for ourselves (that can even be 30 seconds to just stop, ground, and breathe), our health can be majorly out of whack. I should know, I've been doing that for basically my whole life. Not completely, I've always gone in and out of yoga / meditation practices since high school, among other things.

Running my restaurant for the past 8 years has been one of the biggest challenges that can so easily work so much against my taking care of myself if I let it or am not implementing simple daily habits. I've learned and grown a LOT over the years in this regard, but it is a daily practice to stay in my center as best I can. It's so easy to get caught up in work / life and put ourselves last. Now more than ever we need to show up for ourselves FIRST. If we fall apart, we can't help anyone.

What are your favorite daily routines that make your day better?

Comment below to let me know!!

Want to learn more?

I have so many favorite books that have helped me on my journey… but one of my favorite for daily habits is The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness by Jeff Olson.

Want to learn more about essential oils?

Incorporating essential oils into my daily life has been one of the biggest game changers for my health (mental, physical, spiritual). I teach classes regularly and love to connect one on one! Learn more here and request a free sample to experience this plant magic for yourself!

Check out my Highly Meditated playlist on Spotify. Tip: I like to play this on shuffle.

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