Healing Tonics Cooking Course

Create the most delicious juices, smoothies, and elixirs every time!


Join me in the kitchen while I bring my Healing Tonics, Juices, & Smoothies cookbook to life in this Healing Tonics mini course.


Module 1: Welcome + Basic Recipes

In this module we will review what to expect, I'll share some of my story, get you set up for success on this delicious journey, and get things rolling with some basic staple recipes you'll want to have on hand.

Module 2: Cooling Libations

In this module we'll dive into the refreshing world of cold elixirs for fun new ways to enjoy your herbs and superfoods!

Module 3: Hot Elixirs

In this module we'll explore the wonderful world of hot elixirs. These are probably my favorite favorite drinks to make :)

Module 4: Fresh Pressed Juices

In this module we'll dust off our juicer and learn how to make delicious juices every single time!

Module 5: Superfood Smoothies

In this module we'll step up our smoothie game with rockstar add-ons that will take your health to the next level AND expand your flavor palate.


Thank-you so much for joining me in my kitchen! In this module we'll wrap up our good times until we meet again <3

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